Save a Soul and Support Refugees with Food

Empowering Refugees, Providing Food and Water, Restoring Dignity and Hope

Join us in building a better future for refugees

Building Homes, Restoring Hope through Shelter and Stability

Create an inclusive future for refugees and handicapped

Empowering Handicapped injured Individuals for a Brighter Future.

Help drive change in the world you live in

An institution specialized in providing support to refugees affected by crises and conflicts by providing support to children, women and youth to enable them to make a positive impact in the communities in which they live in 


An institution specializing in empowering refugees through science and creativity to become community leaders, fostering positive contributions in their communities and host societies. Our focus is on the most vulnerable groups, particularly children and women.


We are dedicated to supporting the community through education and empowerment initiatives tailored explicitly for refugee youth, children, and women. Our goal is to develop their skills and enable them to play an active and meaningful role in the construction and development of their communities.


Learning: Striving for excellence through continuous learning and growth.

Creativity: Encouraging innovative solutions and diverse ideas.

Quality: Upholding rigorous standards in all our work.

Collaboration: Engaging diverse expertise to achieve common goals.

Freedom: Empowering individuals with autonomy and responsibility.


Person serviced since the earthquake


Family serviced since the earthquake


New Life Village

Building Homes, Restoring Hope: Empowering Refugees through Shelter and Stability

Save A Soul

Empowering Refugees, Providing Food and Water, Restoring Dignity and Hope

We challenge each other to strive for
excellence and to continually learn.

Meet the best team behind
our success story

Board Member

Lena Al-Sarraf

Board Member...,

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Founder - Chairman

Hanadi Alwan

Hanadi Alwan is a Syrian American who has dedicated her life to helping refugees who are handicapped. She founded the...,

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Samar Dalati Ghannoum

Samar Ghannoum is an award-winning, California-based foreign language instructor and curriculum developer who currently ...,

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