Samar Dalati Ghannoum


Samar Ghannoum is an award-winning, California-based foreign language instructor and curriculum developer who currently serves as a professor at University of Redlands in the International Relations, History and Theology departments.

Samar began her career as an Arabic Language Arts and Literature professor at Damascus University, where she earned a B.A. in the field of Arabic Language and Arts. She went on to obtain an M.A. in the field of education and was further credentialed in the field of psychology.

Her accomplishments in the field of education include developing Al-arbito Zadi, a program for teaching Arabic as foreign language in Sunday schools in 2000, and co-developing the Loughti Allslamiah professional book series in 1994 for teaching Arabic as a foreign language. She also acted as a lesson developer for Bahrain's International School Services and is a regular columnist for the NATA Newsletter. Her skills in education extended farther than the classroom, as she has led ongoing seminars using Standing Together, an interfaith study and dialogue program.

Samar is accomplished as a national foreign conference presenter with multiple appearances from 2004 to present. As a current executive board member of the National Arabic Teachers Association (NATA), Youth United Purpose – (YUP Foundation), and Weekend Islamic School Education Resources (WISR). Additionally, she is a board member of the Arab - American Press Guild (AAPG) and a member of the American Consulate of Teaching Foreign Language (ACTFL). Samar keeps up to date on the latest training techniques and studies applicable to Arabic language instruction. She is also a board advisor for the Society of Egyptian Americans, a founding member of Syrian American Ladies Aiding Mothers (SALAM), and a formal volunteer and representative at NISWA.

Samar is a native of Syria, but currently lives in Pasadena with her husband and two children.

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